The mazarol is a mythical brownie, red dressed,  living in the deep of the wood in Dolomiti area. The mazarol has unbelievable knowledge of the woods, plants, animals, he is an expert in harvesting, growing crops and herds. Mazarol wear  horseshoes, but, on the contrary of horses, they are reversed; be careful as you may think to run away and indeed you are getting closer.

Ages ago, some young people, hidden in the forest, stolen to  the mazarol  the know how of  cheese making and knowledge on herd multiplication; when the mazarol discovered the young thieves he cursed them and decided never again help humans. Since then if by chance someone steps over one of his footmarks (pèca) she is magically forced to follow the mazarol and get lost in remote areas.

Mazarol, our server, on the contrary welcome you, we wish to share with you our know how, experience, cultural heritage without forcing you to follow our steps. Is up to you decide to visit  this site. It contains recipes, information and pictures of places we have been and we love.

We love outdoor, fishing, hunting and dogs; some images may be disturbing to certain viewers thus it is up to you decide to visit our  fishing or hunting photo galleries, no mazarol effect here!